Problems of Indiscipline in Schools & Indiscipline Among Students

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These days, schools have been confronted by problems of indiscipline among students. The current wave of indiscipline among students is most disturbing and it demands the immediate attention of all the stakeholders in the education sector.

Indiscipline among students manifests mainly in various unruly behaviours exhibited by students in and outside the school. It includes untoward behaviours like violence, street fighting and hooliganism, truancy at school, improper dressing even when they wear their uniforms, moral laxity, gambling and other immoral acts.

Indiscipline in schools can be blamed on the parents who have neglected the discipline of their children at home.

Nowadays, parents ignore their duties towards the proper upbringing of their children; little time is spent with these children which result in moral laxity which is exhibited by students. Many who are undisciplined are products of broken homes and careless parents. The home contributes mainly to indiscipline in our institutions of learning.

Apart from this, our society cannot be exonerated either. Indiscipline is a societal problem. It originates from our societal values which nowadays have been twisted and corrupted. A society demands the type of students it gets. There is a lot of indiscipline acts going on in our society and this cannot but rub off on our students. For instance, a student who is fond of gambling in the school has come to realize that there is no honest way of making money and that hard work is not recognized in the society.

Indiscipline has done more harm than good to education in the country. It has resulted in a poor academic performance in schools. As a result of indiscipline, many students have neglected their studies and this makes them be involved in examination malpractices and other academic vices. This is done with the assistance of some teachers who also contribute to the problems of indiscipline ravaging our schools.

Indiscipline among teachers and non-teaching staff in schools also contribute to gross misconduct in schools. It, therefore, leads to the wrong upbringing of student’s. Since indiscipline is the order of the day in most schools, students often think that what they are doing is right after all, if teachers can do it why can’t they. With such thoughts, these students grow up and they may never stop indulging in misconduct.

Most times we see or hear of several corrupt leaders but we never get to realize that it may have started in their schools. The problem of indiscipline in schools goes beyond what we can imagine. It starts little by little in school and later causes havoc to the image of the country.

In conclusion, I think that indiscipline in schools should be curbed, if not totally eradicated if we don’t want to have a big problem that we cannot cope with in future.

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