Roles Of Mass Media In The Success Or Otherwise Of Nigeria Democracy


The role of media in Nigeria has been introduced into our societies through different perspectives and method, because is a system of communicating in a very large dimension to the whole societies such as; through Magazines, Radio, Television, and others.


Before the explanations let go into the meaning and futures of mass media, Mass media is a system in which instrument is used in passing information or communicating to the societies in a very large dimension through different media. The mass media act as a watchdog in our contemporary society.

The role of mass media in the success or progress of our country Nigeria democracy has been seen in places through different dimension and ways they are;

  • By conveying information to the societies and it people at large with the view to letting them know how the mandate they gave to their representatives is being discharged, where by the mass media proclaim the role and effect of the people who were elected to represent us in the house of representative, which shows how effective and diligent the people who are representing the people are been participating perfectly and their performances in the societies or house. It helps in knowing how our societies are progressing through information processing and it punctuates on how its organization should be structured to it people and the services which the societies are expecting from the mass media.
  • Nigeria mass media broadcast, and kind of method in which Nigeria democracy provide a forum through which the governed could then react to government policies and its activities. The media interprets the ways in which our leaders present us in other countries and how our organization is being organized and structured. It also interprets the kind of policy in which our country is being operated on to other countries with this it shows that mass media interprets our countries, is being structures to the whole societies and countries which could be taking place through TV, Magazine, Newspapers, Internet etc.
  • Media also expose Nigeria Democracy to the whole world by monitoring the performance of government with a view to preventing their deviation from clearly stated objectives. It monitors our leaders by also reducing their power. Because without mass media our leaders might be mismanaging the power that is being given to them in the societies and also mismanaging their position in the countries but mass media help in reducing this power and also stand as an agent of a balance of power among countries and also among our leaders.
  • Mass media also helps our Nigeria’s democracy by assisting in setting an agenda of priorities in the societies through a social, cultural, political, and economic development of the nation. Nigeria democracy is watching the mass media in administering the whole activities and these mass media help the Nigerian people in behaving in decent ways and also interprets the political patterns by showing a political grouping of the country into regions for political purpose.
  • It also helps in strengthening the economic and assisting in the articulation and pursuit of the national interest. It showcases the needs and wants or interest of all countries and Nigeria democracy, this help our country’s people to know how a country is being structured and how it should be.
  • To provide the medium for transmitting knowledge and for educating the populace.
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The role of mass media in our country Nigeria democracy has been serving in different dimensions, and all this thing also have their negative impact on the societies. These negative roles are;

  • Mass media in our country, an error occurred through electronic media through radio stations whereby two stations jam at once and this lead to disagreement and malfunctions in communications.
  • The impact of the strapped economic on media performance. It shows how income and expenditure are made in Nigeria and specifically among the representatives.
  • Mass media also causes series of problems in our societies this is error caused by news caster which occurs through speech and grammatical error in the societies.
  • Error through computer typewriting and also the speech by different languages.
  • Commercialization of news
  • Mass media cause problem in our regions and cultures. This was caused by difference in languages and cultures in which communication is taking place in the societies.
  • News Agency Nigeria; news caster also edit Nigeria news and put it in a different pattern, this also cause problems in our societies, in a situation where by the editor has edited what happens in a different pattern or ways this also cause problems or crises in our Nigeria democracy, societies and among we citizens of the country.
  • Concerned with the possible impact of foreign media especially in the form of satellite tyranny.


Having seen the dimension of mass communication in mass media maintain its independence while still being responsible. The media must operate an effective system of self-monitoring and self-supervision. Nigeria mass media also assist in building and maintaining an environment conducive to democracy in the country, and it also promote free choice of leadership especially through the ballot box respect for the rule of law by both the rulers and ruled, social justices and equity as well as respect for human rights mass media also help in knowing all that is going on in our societies and cultural pattern of our societies through difference pattern or ways such as drama, news, symbol etc in the societies.

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