50 Commonly Accepted Double Standards

Double-Standards Everywhere

a set of principles that allows greater freedom to one person or group than to another

These are the 50 commonly accepted double standards according to me:

  1. Virginity is important in women – not in men
  2. If a man sleeps around 100 women – he is a stud. If a woman sleeps with more than 1 man – she is a slut.
  3. Woman showing her breasts in public while only covering her nipple in a sexy dress is acceptable but woman breast feeding a baby is not
  4. If a Christian Man drives a car out of control into a crowd – “12 injured as drivers go out of control”. If a Muslim Man drives a car out of control into a crowd – News Headlines “Islamic Terrorists attempt to kill hundreds”.
  5. People claim God is one but get angry when you convert from your religion to another one worshipping the ‘one god’
  6. When you have no money “I told you he will amount to nothing” When you earn a million “I always knew my son was destined for greatness”
  7. A Rich man with a Bentley comes up to you and asks you “Would you like to come out with me?” You smile. The poor man on a cycle comes up to you and asks you “Would you like to come out with me?” You slap him.
  8. Sexy girl posts an update “Life is worth living” – receives 1,000 likes and 490 comments on how intelligent and amazing the quote is. Ramu, ordinary guy posts an update “Life is worth living” – receives 1 like and 1 comment stating “From where did you copy this quote.”
  9. Billionaire posts on Facebook “How is everyone today?” – gets 13,000 comments in 10 minutes. Mark the normal sales guy posts “How is everyone today?” gets his mom posting “I’m fine” after 1 week.
  10. Only your religion is true for which if someone asks your evidence, you call it ‘have faith’ but if someone else tells you their religion is true, you ask them for evidence.
  11. When falling in love – every silly thing your lover does is “Awww”. When breaking up – every genuine thing your lover does is “Manipulative”
  12. When you hate someone – everything that they do is wrong. When you love someone – everything that they do is right.
  13. Indian sounding like India – How backward. American sounding like American – How forward.
  14. It’s okay if your son goes out with 2 girls. It is not okay if your daughter goes out with 2 boys.
  15. Son going to a pub or bar at night – is being grown up. Girl doing the same is unacceptable.
  16. When you are 17 years, 11 months and 30 days old – you are underage to enter a pub or club. Next day you are magically an adult who can enter into a pub or club.
  17. You wear a sexy dress with your body parts bulging out for others to stare. When others do stare, they are perverts. (remember the Bebe writing on the breasts & ass area?)
  18. Salary late – you have to understand the management. If you are late to work – you are fined and a warning is given.
  19. Watching porn is good. But starring in one is not.
  20. You want to know other peoples secrets and you gossip about it. But you do not want to share yours and you hate gossipers.
  21. Two women having sex is hot. Two men having sex is disgusting.
  22. Woman hitting a man is funny. Man hitting Woman is not.
  23. Man and women are equal. But you have to pay for a woman when you take her out of a date.
  24. Man massaging a woman’s leg is sexy. Woman massaging a Mans’ leg is slavery.
  25. 40-year-old celebrity star woman giving a 9-year-old boy a peck on his lips is cute. 40-year-old male celebrity giving a 9-year-old girl a peck on her lips is a pedophile.
  26. Parents can watch porn secretly. You cannot.
  27. Killing a man is wrong. Killing in the army is okay.
  28. Eating Beef (according to Hindus) is bad. Eating Pork or Chicken is good.
  29. Eating Pork (according to Muslims) is bad. Eating Beef or Chicken is good.
  30. We make fun of people posting selfies on Facebook. And then we post them ourselves.
  31. We make fun of other peoples children. But it is not right to make fun of our own.
  32. We ogle at other women. But we get angry if someone did that to our sister or mother.
  33. We talk about being good Christians, Hindus or Muslims publicly. But we do our dirty little things in secret.
  34. We cannot use certain words because it will offend certain communities but they can use the same word to their own people – it is cool
  35. India condones racism but there if Fair & Lovely and Handsome & Lovely as its best selling products.
  36. India has freedom of speech but you cannot talk about certain politicians, religions, people, and any other things.
  37. If you believe in God, you are a good man. If you are a good man who doesn’t believe in God – you are a bad man.
  38. A man with a woman is called ‘Straight’ but a man with man or woman with woman is called ‘gay’?
  39. Parents who tell you if you sleep more – you are lazy. If you sleep less, you will destroy your health
  40. Man can look dirty and unkempt – it is acceptable. A woman needs to look sexy always – only then it is acceptable.
  41. Men Action Heroes in movies – Bloody, Dirty, Sweaty. Women Action Heroes in Movies – Perfect hair, perfect makeup, and Perfect clothes
  42. American Military Man shoots 1,000 of people – He is a Hero. Arab Military Man shoots 1,000 people – he is a terrorist.
  43. Parents who talk about the importance of education and the fact you should excel in your education but never show you how poor their grades actually were
  44. Actors & Actresses who go through surgery tell you to learn to accept the way you are.
  45. Money is not everything, yet our lives are designed around making money
  46. I only look for a good man with a good heart – but the men they hang around with have good hearts but with ‘gooder’ wallets
  47. We celebrate earth day switching off all electricity for 1 hour. But rest of the 365 days of the year use electricity to the fullest
  48. Politicians, Actresses & Actors talk about helping the poor but splurge money on parties, excess food and drink.
  49. An old male actor can play the role of a teenager but an old female actress should play the role of a mother (Indian Cinema)
  50. Rich man’s children getting caught doing bad things – It’s okay. He is a growing boy. Poor man’s children getting caught doing bad things – ‘What a #$%^&!!!

One of the biggest flaws of people are pretending to be blind to their own mistakes, but do not pretend deaf towards the mistakes of others.

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