Hilarious Design Fails


You may have asked yourself, what are some examples of bad design?

Here are examples of Design Fails.

1: No safety, smoking first

This is self-explanatory.

2: 10/10 best carpet

They had better have some money to cover the lawsuits because someone’s definitely going to fall down.

3: Ana Anus

Even without the “Ana Anus”, this sign is impossible to read

4: Someone clearly failed design school

How are you supposed to find out which button to press?

5: Nice slide you got there

What goes in, must come out.

6: At least you tried

Nice fingers.

7: Poo Professor

You had one job. One job.

8: Don’t be happy, worry

Sums up most parents’ advice

9: *Poisoning lawsuits intensify*

No wonder my dinner tasted so bad!

10: Nore Rmed Anus

When you have to know that all Norman Reedus fans are anuses (Not intended to offend anyone)

11: Please don’t overuse memes

No comment.

12: Practise what you preach

Hypocrisy at its finest.

13: Should have proofread this at least once.

When you don’t want customers.

(Not your shoe store)

14: Acronym fail

Someone should have probably told this person how acronyms work.

15: Awesome pregnancy test

The most amazing pregnancy test.

16: Someone was just fired from their job

Take action. Take control. Quit school.

17: Someone clearly followed #16

That’s not how pie charts work.

18: Poolife

A facepalm is urgently required for this design fail.

19: Are you an alien?

For those who have eyes on stalks.

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20: When you can even fail at Google Translate.

Someone needs to get this guy a better Internet service.


Images from Google

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