Collection of useless gadgets

There are fantastic gadgets being released every day and it is exceptionally hard to keep track of them all. So basically there have been so many innovations that at least some of them are bound to be really useful while some useless.

Just one? Here are a few:

USB retro phone handsets

All of the hard work that went into developing headsets and hands-free devices can now be thrown away and you can pretend to be on an original telephone while still receiving calls via your computer.

Rubato Clock

The Rubato Clock alters your perception of time, which the company claims influences you to be more productive or creative. Activate the “productive mode,” and algorithms accelerate the rate of the clock’s hand movements. You’re then left to feel like you’re running out of time, so you’ll work harder and faster to complete your task. The clock then sets itself back to the actual time.

It didn’t get funded. 🙂

The Keyboard Dinner Holder

To prevent germs from spreading, office workers can now eat their food on the Keyboard Dinner Holder. A similar option would be to sit on the floor and eat off your lap like the naughty school kid you are.


The backwards keyboard designed to drive you insane
This doesn’t even deserve an explanation. This is the silliest, most pointless so-called “gadget” . A backwards keyboard? Enough said.

Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

There might not be an actual law out that prohibits working on your laptop and driving simultaneously. But you’d be a stupid mofo to attempt it, especially during traffic jams or long red lights. Stick to your Galaxy S4 if the desire to message arises.

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Useless Box

Talk about the useless of most useless devices ever conceived. ThinkGeek’s offering is basically an electronic kit that supports only one function—turning on or off. That’s it. And just think, you can bask in such technological greatness for the asking price of $40.

Which do you feel is the most useless, or do you have any addition to make, use the comment box to make your contribution.

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