Superstition: The Making Of Smart Morons

What is wrong with us?

How did we get this far?

How did it all get down to this level?

These were the questions that troubled my mind throughout today as I looked with total dismay what primitive savages Nigerians have been turned into by our stubborn cling to the disturbing superstition that contradicts reason.

My sadness was affirmed by the fact that I looked on at Africans doing what in every essence is Unafrican, I looked on with untold horror at the blatant barbarism meted on the weak and frail, utter disrespect heaped on the head that bears grey hairs.

This is not who we are!
This is not how we used to be!
This is not what our culture is about!
This is not us!!

It is a common sight to see an old woman or a little girl being lynched by a mob of senseless youths in so many corners of the south with a preposterous accusation of “witches”. This pricking bothers, a lingering pain in my mind was unearthed today as I looked on with horror at stories about old women that were supposedly witches littered all over the internet today.

Frail, old, weak and tired women Unclad and bloody from the sting of an unforgiving pack of morons led by fear and their simplistic clutch at demeaning superstition.

Shamed, beaten and let out in the open for all to feast their eyes filled with malice and unmerited anger.

It saddens me how we could be reduced to such outrageous state, a level that makes us no more than cavemen with smartphones.

How did we get so Unafrican in the long run?

The African society boasts of a rich culture that reveres the old, respect the grey-haired and protect the children.

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Here we are at the crossroad of history, we have turned on those deserving our protection, the grey hair of the aged becomes a mark that comes with an undeserved stigma, a pointer that garners misplaced suspicion.

I will like you-you to reason with me right now as you read this, ask yourself;

Why is it that mostly old women and children are always at the center of most accusation on witchcraft?

we have thousands of politicians, none has ever been pinpointed as a witch and given the same treatment we so heartlessly met out on weak fragile creatures like old women and children.

Maybe being poor and old is now a pointer to being a witch.
Maybe being weak and vulnerable makes you more likely to be a witch.

I have many a time written on the dangers of superstition, I have at many times called out the disparaging effects of such beliefs – we are a generation of smart morons.

the inclusion of foreign beliefs, myths, and superstition into our social structure has in so many ways damaged the very sanity of our societal form, disrupted the very foundation of our moral compass, we are riding on waves we are ignorant of, fools following blindly riding on the back of heavy propaganda filled with promises of post-humorous reward or untold horrors of an ever-burning fire.

The very Europeans that we so sheepishly follow in belief and ideas made away with such degrading practice such as believing in witches, witch hunting, maiming or killing women or kids accused of witchcraft hundreds of years ago.

This is known to history as the dark ages.

In a world rocked by an unprecedented boom in civilization, scientific breakthroughs and technological wonders, in the year Anno Domini 2017 Africans are still reenacting the very practices discarded as dark and undeserving of humanity.

We still have confined ourselves in a dark age that has been as a result of our inability to reason independently and objectively.

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We still let undiluted piety to the charges of bible wielding con-men who prey on our fears and our vulnerability to make profits, we still let this piety run our thoughts and the way we see the world.

We still fill our world with so much fear and unhealthy suspicion that even harmless animals like cats, albino cockroaches are a manifestation of witchcraft.

This is a lamentation on a generation that is so disappointing, a rotting society that is taken for ransom by unparalleled ignorance and superstition.

I only can hope that we realize the faults in our thoughts, the faults in our belief and the faults in our actions.

Lift ourselves above such primitive savagery and for once move along with the time, the world waits for us no longer.

Author: johnydon22

Source: Nairaland

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