Mind-blowing facts about the human brain

Einstein’s Brain

The Brain Feels No Pain

“Relax, this won’t hurt a bit…”

Did you know? The brain cannot feel pain as there are no pain receptors. That is the reason Brain surgeons can perform surgery while the patient is completely awake. In fact, they prefer the patient is awake so that they know immediately if anything has gone wrong. Because you want to be awake when brain surgery goes wrong, don’t you?

100,000 Miles of Blood Vessels in the Brain

There are about a hundred billions neurons that comprise the entire galaxy, that is the same number that they have squished into the powerhouse we call a brain. The brain uses approx 17% of the body’s energy, and 20% of its oxygen, while only taking up 2% of the available space in your body.

They Saved Einstein’s Brain

Albert Einstein dies in 1955. Instead of preserving a lock of hair, they decided they wanted his brain. Sounds like something out of a Zombie movie, but apparently a fact. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. The surgery took place only 7.5 hours after Einstein’s death and was performed by Thomas Harvey. The brain then vanished, until 1978 when Harvey was tracked down by a journalist who discovered that Thomas Harvey still had the brain preserved in jars.

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There Are Differences Between the Right and Left Brain

The brain comprises two parts, the left and right hemispheres. They each have completely unique functions. They also work in complete opposites, if you injure your left hand the right side of the brain processes the pain. This led to the saying “only left-handed people are in their right brain”.

Sorry Ladies, Men’s Brains are 10% Bigger

Finally, Proof that men are smarter than women, before you go thinking this is a huge achievement, women’s brains have more nerve cells, and connectors, therefore work more effectively. So basically the male brain is built like a truck and the woman’s brain is like a sports car. One goes faster, the other works more.

Your Brain is More Active When You Sleep

I know it REM but we are talking about the brain. During your sleep period is when the brain processes the day’s activities. Scientists believe that this is the reason we have dreams. A recent study showed that by processing the day’s activities during out sleep we help relieve trauma. People with higher IQ’s tend to dream more.

“Inception” is Real

Believe it or not, there is genuinely a thing called Lucid Dreaming, this is where a person can control a dream, while still in a sleeplike state. Believed to have its roots in ancient Tibetan Buddhism, where aspirants would practice “Dream Yoga”. Fancy controlling your own dreams, maybe it is time to learn Lucid Dreaming.

Why Do We Laugh? WE DON’T KNOW!

You cannot control true laughter, that is why you may find yourself with drink coming out your nose when something is truly funny. Humans are the only animal that can laugh, and babies can laugh from 4 months of age. It is also something that is not easily faked, but why do we laugh? No one really knows. It is a bit like being ticklish, we don’t really understand that either.

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Does Size Matter?

Conclusive evidence neither for nor against if brain

size is relevant to intelligence. Albert Einstein’s brain weighed only 1230 grams, while the average male brain weighs, 1400 grams.

Highest IQ? Kim Ung-Yong with 210

This guy is a super genius or something, by the age of 8 months, he understood algebra and by the age of 2, he was fluent in 4 languages. He has the highest IQ recorded of 210. He began going to university at 4 years old and graduated by 15. What are you sitting around doing?

Source: buzztides.com

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