These Are the Reasons Why You Have A Low CGPA (Cumulative Grade point average).

The goal of most students when entering higher institution may be to hit a very high CGPA at the end of their stay in the school, but there are so many clauses to that. There are so many things that may be stopping that sweet finish, some of which I will be bringing out here.

One of the reasons why people fail, especially in most Nigerian universities is because they are studying the course that they are not passionate about. It is either the course is chosen for you by your parents, or the school chooses the course for you. I had a colleague then in school who was forced to study architecture in school because his father was an architect, and that was all out his own will. This young or should I say old man now has been in the school for the past 7 years now and why is that, he claimed he wanted to punish his parents for forcing him to study that course. Also, there was another guy I knew who wanted to study Chemical Engineering but was given industrial Chemistry by the school, this guy was so pained and disgusted by it that he didn’t want to study at all. When I met him, I asked why he didn’t just stay at home if he knows he won’t study at all and he replied that he can’t just be sitting at home just like that. Anyway, the above topic is one of the major reasons why some people graduate with a low CGPA.

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Except if you are good naturally, if not the clause “All work no play, makes Jack a dull boy” wouldn’t work for you. I like what Bishop David Oyedepo said when he was speaking after he talked about the “All work, no play” ish, he paused and asked the question that “Are you Jack?” and I laughed. Some students go to school to become professional gamers and when I say professional gamers, I mean it. They can sit in one position for almost 24 hours playing all forms of games when their CA’s are crying heavily. Some others watch football like their life depends on it, well some people that bet, and their money depends on it though. This might be a little off, but I just want to kick it in, about a student then who borrowed money estimating to half a million Naira just to bet on his favorite team ‘Barca’, then Barca had been winning matches consecutively, but the day he placed the bet on them, that was the day they lost the match, when it was almost time to the end of the match, he ran away from the viewing Centre in school and headed for his house because he knew that the guys he borrowed money from will come after him. Thereby, abandoning his study which was like his priority in school. So your question now might be, is there a solution to this?, absolutely yes, there is something called balance, you can balance both your fun time and study time and watch your CGPA rise like a dough in yeast.

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Have you ever sat down to think about these, that why is it that when social media was on a lower level, in the past, students think faster. Most people nowadays spend their time in school chatting, chatting with the person they would probably see the next day. Some say social media is a good way to express yourself more but in school, why not express yourself less, then at home you can express yourself so much that you should even turn to express way, lol.. Like I said initially about balancing your time in school, it also applies here too. It would not be nice if all the holiday you spend at home or after studies, you start regretting why you didn’t hit that CGPA you want all because of social media.

I know most people are aware of the full meaning of CGPA, it is actually a cumulative of your grading point and this cumulative starts from your first year in school, if your GPA started at 1.something in your hundred level, I don’t know the magic you want to perform, all I can say is that let God’s will be done. So for those who have low CGPA now, it is most likely they had a low foundation. So my advice to those that are about to enter into the higher institution is that “start high”, it would carry you a long way. When a young pretty lady came to meet me for advice based on CGPA, I told one thing and it is, quoting myself “If you start with a very high GPA, probably a 5 point, believe me, you wouldn’t want to drop again”, so you should start high. Also if you are in your second year, it is not too late for you.

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There are some funny friends that it is when you just carry your book they would come around, as if they are targeting you, and most people don’t send them away because they don’t want them to feel bad or they don’t want to lose their dear friends. Now other articles may tell you that you should unfriend those set of people, but that is not the case for me. Make sure you guard your friendship, but let them be fully aware that when it is time for you to study, there is a boundary. Now again, back to why I said you shouldn’t discard your friends is because, you don’t know if they are to help you in future or they know somebody that knows somebody that knows other people that may be able to link you, also the lonely feeling is never a good on.

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