10 Types of People You Should Always Avoid 


These are kind of people that I really recommend staying away from, or kick out from our lives even if they have a potential value in it.

1- Selfish people: I don’t know why, but befriending this kind of people, makes you one of them for sure, because you start feeling their selfishness towards you, and you just start asking your self why am I not selfish too, and that’s how you start pushing yourself to act selfishly… It’s not a good idea.

2- Liars: Having a liar in your life is a pain in the neck. It just makes your conversations and your relationship (Friend, lover, or else) based on doubts. They are the D-bags. They Damage, Destroy, Disfigure. What? EVERYTHING.

3- Pessimists & negative people: Whenever you start dreaming about a project, and you do all your best in order to achieve it, they just kill every single hope you have by just one negative word, especially if you were someone who is easily impacted by others’ point of view.

4- Lights robbers (That’s how I call them): For example when you’re gathered with friends, there is that friend of yours, who tries his best to unveil all of your flaws and your mistakes. To make you look a stupid person who just knows nothing.

5- Angry people: Akhh, I really hate them, they just make me stressed and kill the beauty of my day. And they don’t have the words “Smile and take it easy” in their dictionary.

6- Negatively CURIOUS people: Those people who want to know every single thing about your life and others’ lives, just to gossip about it …And they just don’t respect their limits.

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7- Sociopaths: These are people who have little or no sense of empathy; they don’t care if they hurt others, as long as their actions promote their own agenda. These are people who, when they see someone else in distress, really deep down don’t care.

8- The Gossip Goats & The Rumor Rogues: They are good-for-nothing except for the blah-blah-blah they do about others all the time. Competing with him/her is hard, but hey! Spreading rumour about that person seems like not bad an idea.

9- The Judgemental Jerk-heads & The Criticizing Captains: They are poor listeners. They are poor communicators. But, muhaha! They have too much time to worry about things that are none of their businesses. Free loser-faultfinder-critic anybody.

10- The Manipulative Monsters & The Arrogant A-holes: Punch them in their faces, kick them out of your lives before they make you powerless and deaden you.

Finally, and the worst among these all, are those who refuse to help you or hide helpful information from you.

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Wow, this is eye opener.

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