Meet Corporal Wojtek a Polish soldier in WW2

Let me introduce you to Corporal Wojtek. He was a Polish soldier in WW2.

The only weird thing… is that he was a bear.

Wojtek served as a soldier in the 22nd Artillery Supply Company from 1944–1947.

Wojtek was a Syrian Brown bear purchased by Polish Soldiers and eventually trained to carry ammunition for his company while in combat. He reportedly never dropped any ammunition in his entire time in service.

The name Wojtek roughly translates to ‘joyful warrior’

He entered the unit as a private and was soon promoted to Corporal.

He was treated exactly like a soldier. He had his own rank, serial number, and even a paybook. In the eyes of the government, he was a soldier.

He even lived like a soldier. He slept near the barracks and marched with them during drills.

When the men were off duty, they would smoke cigarettes and drink beer. The bear was no exception. They would give him a beer to drink and even light cigarettes for him. He loved them. In their spare time, they would also play wrestle each other for fun. The bear was just one of the boys.

One time, Wojtek was walking by the bathhouse, and he came upon an enemy spy. Wojtek slapped him upside the head, knocked him to the ground, and growled at him until he surrendered. When interrogated, the spy gave up vital information on enemy positions.

Not only did he find a spy, he also served at the Battle of Monte Cassino, and did wonders for Allied morale on the Eastern Front. And he did this all while drinking massive amounts of beer.

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Wojtek was one bada*s bear.

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Beautiful Article I must say. Animals in Nigeria are not interested in the military or in having anything to do when it comes to defending the state. They are fully involved in Embezzling Public funds. Do you have any idea what the Snake and Monkey Combo would accomplish in the Nigerian Military?

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