Have You Ever Made A Mistake?


“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” – John Powell

Have you ever made a mistake? You know those social blunders, personal faux pas, relationship ending moves, bad decisions or anything that you’d give your right arm to take back and do over again? Well, maybe I should ask, who do you know that hasn’t made a mistake?

But for some reason when some people make mistakes they go into overdrive wanting to relive them, rehash them, beat a dead horse and literally wear themselves out over all of the what ifs, if only’s and why did I do that?

You know, it’s better known as regret. The Blame and Shame game, where you feel like you’ll win if you can only figure out how to crucify yourself and the “Go Back To Jail” card becomes the “Go Back To Hell” card. It becomes a personal persecution and you become a Dead Man Walking.

Most people aren’t very good at making mistakes because they don’t see the positive side of it. They punish
themselves so severely and go into an its-time-to-suffer-because-of-my-mistake mode that they miss the
opportunity to learn and grow from it.

When you accept that you are only human and all of us humans make mistakes; you can then learn life’s lesson from them and look at your mistakes as a chance to become a better person. You can now evaluate what you would do differently and when you admit your mistake you can change what you don’t like about what you did or what you didn’t do.

The bigger mistake is when you put yourself on a guilt trip over what you did. Guilt is right up there with regret. It’s a complete waste of time since there isn’t anything you can do to undo what you did. But what you learn from your mistakes is worth making the mistake. It’s such a classic opportunity for real growth that you may not be able to see it if you’re blinded by what I call “The Big Three.” The emotions that go along with making a mistake: Guilt, Shame and Regret.

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On the other hand, if you don’t learn something from it, it becomes a wasted mistake and one that you will probably end up making again!

So, lighten up on yourself. When you really get good at making mistakes you will be able to see them for what they are; an opportunity to do things differently. Don’t make the mistake of carrying around the residual mental garbage that goes along with mistakes. Instead, see the value in the lesson, and then let it go and MOVE ON!

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