Microsoft launches new online training courses for aspiring AI engineers

Microsoft's AI-class

A new ten-course seminar for engineers looking to add machine-learning skills to their resumes is now available through the Microsoft Professional Program.

The Microsoft Professional Program for AI will be available four times a year and it should take at least a few weeks to complete the training. Developers will be given an introduction to machine-learning principles and taught how to create learning models and data sets, modelled on an internal Microsoft training program. They will be awarded an “a digitally shareable, résumé-worthy credential” after completing a deep learning project at the end of the course, Microsoft said.

There are thousands and thousands of reasons why developers might want to take such a course: salaries for qualified artificial intelligence professionals are through the roof right now, and that gold rush is unlikely to end any time soon as more and more companies investing in AI research and application. Interestingly, as more and more people continue to fret about the future impact of AI-driven applications and the current state of personal data platforms, the program requires an “Ethics in AI” course.

The classes will be offered through, the massive open online course provider. Microsoft offers several other types of certificate programs such as this one, including front-end web development, cloud administration, and DevOps.

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