It makes no sense at all!

This will be beginning of a series of post on stuff that makes no sense at all.

Let’s start with Nigeria, her citizens and politicians.

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Politicians vs Nigerians

Nigerian Politician


Children of Nigerian Politicians

Children of Nigerians

Homes of Nigerian Politicians

Homes of Nigerians

Nigerian Politicians commuting

Nigerians Commuting

Nigerian Police

With Politicians

With Nigerians

With Ordinary criminals

How they treat Politicians who robbed the country blind

How they settle civil disputes

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Our Roads across the country

The roads in Abuja where the politicians reside

Our Daily Struggle

What we hear every day

Poverty and hopelessness is the reality

Families now resort to begging just to feed

More Nigerian Children

What the President is made to believe

Our families

Our Towns

Our youths


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Our Towns

Our families

Our youths

Our politicians

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It makes no sense at all

Author: Hamza Danlami Yusuf

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