Octopus: Predator with Class


I have never thought that Octopus were killing machines. Have you ever seen the epic battle between the Octopus and Crab? Don’t worry I’ll put the video below. Damn, they are stealthy as ninjas. My thoughts about octopus when I was young, it just eats whatever’s in front of its mouth just like any other mouth sucker fish and water creatures. But no, they are unique plus intelligent creatures.

The Wondering crab, four inches long, is seen to be minding his own business in the rock pools in Yallingup, Australia. What happened next took the wildlife photographer by surprise.

Octopus eating a crab is the stuff of nightmares. The Horrifying Battle between Octopus and Mr Crabs. Location: Seashore. Weapons: Crab- Claws, Run. Octopops- Tentacles. Taken in Yallingup, Western Australia.

Australia is a dangerous place. Something is waiting around every corner to grab you. Poor Mr Krabs. I always knew that hiring Squidward was a mistake. Squidward has had enough of Mr Krabs. Reading this comments in the video are so funny though. When eating their prey, the octopus is believed to turn crabs over to eat their soft insides. Ms Indrisie added: ‘We hung around for a while, but I understand octopus flip it open and eat it pretty quick, so I knew it was toast.’

Just how smart is an octopus?

Octopuses are known for their complex brains, intelligence and mischievous temperament. But are they aware of what they are doing? Cephalopods certainly look alien, so it is hardly surprising that science fiction writers have hijacked their characteristics for imaginary aliens. An octopus has three hearts that pump blue-green blood around its body, using a copper- rather than an iron-based carrier for oxygen. Its eight tentacles are covered in suckers that enable it to amble, probe and manipulate with great dexterity. When in danger or enraged, it can switch to jet propulsion, and if danger persists it can eject an ink cloud of confusion and darkness. An octopus has few hard body parts (beak and eyes only), making its body infinitely malleable. It can thread itself through a hole not much larger than the diameter of its eyeball.

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Shape Shifters


Most cephalopods are active hunters that seek prey (crabs and other molluscs, mostly) in full view of potential predators. Here their soft and tasty bodies are a liability. To counter this vulnerability, evolution has produced the most expert shape-shifters in the animal kingdom.

Colour Changers


Cephalopods are the ultimate colour-changers, able to match their backgrounds in an instant so perfectly that even a keen observer can lose them. As invisibility cloaks go, theirs are close to perfect.

Pixelated Video Screen skin

Cephalopod skin is like a pixelated video screen. The top layer contains tens of thousands of tiny pockets of three different colours that can be opened and closed at will to display bright reds, yellows, browns or other shades, depending on the palette a particular species has. Below them lies a layer of reflective cells that interact with stacked plates to create iridescence. Underneath them is another reflective layer to bounce back incoming light.


Captive octopuses give full rein to that mischievous temperament, learning to pop light bulbs with jetted water, block the outflow of their tanks so they overflow and recognize individual people, squirting those they dislike with water.


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