The Death We Dread

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This is about a million times I am coming across people wondering what will happen to them when they are no more (dead). A lot of people I have met dread death so much that they would give anything to live forever. Albeit the inevitable nature of death.

I am not in to sugar-coat words here. The blunt truth is that we all will die. But then, there is this question of shall we all live? The answer is obvious. It is not everybody that is living that is alive. I remember a quote that goes this way; “we have added years to our lives but not life to our years”.

We are driven by our competitive environments. Through sciences, we have increased our live span. But what does it mean to be alive while living and to be dead while living? A lot of us lack the inner joy of life. These group of people merely exist. Some of them are even in the class of people we consider successful and made. We have traded happiness for competition.

If you cannot leave this article with anything leave with this; “life is not a competition”. Some people may ask ‘what of the struggle for survival?’. The struggle for survival is not a competition as well. When I say life is not a competition I refer to assumed rivalry among some people. Thinking that you are not meeting up like your colleagues that you graduated from the same college with.

Take, for instance, somebody that finds joy in teaching but because his friends are making lots of money in the big industries, and trying not to be looked down on, decided to jettison his teaching career to make money just like his friends. In the end, such person keeps experiencing this emptiness within that the thought of death is so dreadful that he starts scrambling for how to add more years to his life, but the years you already have no life in them. This is the type of person that lives without being alive.

Millions of people have merely existed and passed through our planet without ever being alive. Look inward and search for yourself. There is something you yearn for from within. Follow your path. Don’t be swallowed in jealous of what others are doing in other professions. Don’t be attracted to only the money, but find joy in what you choose to do. If you are unhappy in your profession, you need a rethink. Every minute of our life counts. Don’t add to the number of those who would beg for more time to be added to their life only to repeat the same lifestyle when that time is given.

The moment you have fulfilled your purpose in life, death is then the ultimate satisfaction. But when you find yourself in the wrong field, fulfilling your purpose becomes near impossible, and so, death becomes the most dreadful.

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