Understanding the Heru-Horus Myth

Let me not bore you with our Kemetic story of how the Virgin mother Isis gave birth to Horus (The first and original immaculate conception) and how the Evil set swore to kill every male child he comes across in his quest to kill Horus, the son of his late brother Osiris whom he had killed. Most of you are aware that Set further beheaded Anpu the baptizer for secretly baptizing Horus.

We all know 6 thousand years after this story was told in ancient Kemet it was corrupted and told in another version and today half of the world is falling for it. However what I want to discuss in this brief article is the true meaning of the Isis, Horus and Osiris story.

What is the true meaning of this story? The more I read and research ancient African manuscript the more I am amazed, I get at the deep wisdom of our African ancestors.

Isis, Horus and set are symbol of the universal nature; the base representing Osiris, or the male principle; the perpendicular, Isis, or the female principle; and the hypotenuse, Horus, their son, or the product of the male and female principle.

In ancient Kemet and across Ankebulan the 99th was the highest degree in freemasonry. Heru are symbolism of the 99 deities. HERU are the deep symbolism of scientific equations and chemical reactions.

As such in the word Phosphorus, Horus, they describe a deeper meaning in science. Osirus vs. Set, is a representation of a chemical reaction of two elements, to create a molecular structure or formula.

99 deities, 99 elements, 99 having reactions with each other, hence the birth of Phosphorus by the virgin element Isis.

Osiris was separated (when he was killed by Set) as atomic elements are separated in numbers of electrons, protons and neutrons to produce a new formula or atomic structure, during reactions, or in the case of deities, interactions.

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In the case of Osiris resurrection by his virgin wife Isis, it represents a new Atomic structure.

Atomic element Bismuth is said to be a representation of another deity.

Our Ancestors knew it ALL and I am grateful for the deep knowledge they left for us. It’s unfortunate that many of us are busy chasing shadows while others are building on the inventions of our ancestors.

There are over 100, 000 written manuscripts by our ancestors which survived years of invasions, slavery and colonization currently in Timbuktu Mali ranging from mathematics, physics, astrology, alchemy, etc. and a lot of Europeans still visit our libraries till date to decipher them and take them back to their country to study more on it while we are busy eagerly waiting for the end of the world.

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