Disturbing Religious Selfishness (Eroding Compassion)

Being in a religiously saturated society I couldn’t help but notice the selfishness exhibited by people.

A man once had an accident and was rushed to the hospital, a woman rushed to the scene and seeing the car had a striking resemblance to her husband’s car was tensed and afraid until she saw the man involved and realized it wasn’t her husband.

She was beside me, she sighed and said: “Oh thank God it’s not my husband, the accident is not our potion”.

The question that came to my mind and I asked her was “Whose potion is it and is an accident the portion of that man? Will his family also thank God for it and is your husband worth saving than him”

She gave me a glaring look and walked away. Imagine the selfishness, she doesn’t care someone had an accident she is happy it’s not someone that concerns her. And this we see in everyday people.

This uncanny selfishness and inability to relate to the suffering of others I find to be a disturbing trait instilled into people by some religious doctrines. It is as wicked as it is disturbing for one to rejoice and give thanks to their God for the misfortunes of others.

This I saw in one thread opened in the religion section (Nairaland.com) where someone emphasized that by logging into Nairaland and seeing the number of victims of tragedies and bad circumstances you should be happy and give thanks to God

  • http://www.nairaland.com/2657619/why-u-should-thank-god
  • http://www.nairaland.com/2770877/sad-watch-video-tell-me

For what?

Leaving them experience tragedy and not you?

Are you more deserving than others?

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Such ideas are not only disturbing, it is extremely selfish, wicked, evil and a detriment to fully exhibiting human compassion in the face of other people’s misfortunes because you will be busy thanking God that it is not you…

Thanking God for saving you from misfortunes shows you think God determines who misfortunes befall or not, so you are more deserving to be saved and not the countless million others out there.

I ask is it right to bank on the tragedies of others to celebrate our own good

Is it right to rejoice over the misfortunes of others because it led to us being promoted; like a testimony I listened to where a man said he got promoted in his office to his dream post when another of his colleagues got fired without cause, it was a happy turn of event for him and so he was rejoicing and so was the church with him.

And they all forgot someone was really crying for losing his source of livelihood.

Have watched many Christians pray for the wealth of others to be given to them, yet in the delusional superstition of unnecessary fear, they will accuse others of hoarding their wealth in the spirit, therefore, branding some unsuspecting fellow a devil.

Who among you two is the devil here…?

Isn’t it enough to agree that in the wonderful random world of ours that evil and good keep the balance? That misfortune and tragedies befall both good and bad persons alike, that none of us is more deserving than others.

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By this, we would be open to relating to the sufferings of others, to the pains of others, to the cries of others thereby letting our sense of human compassion reach out to those in these tragedies.

Why should people encourage others to swim in such delusive disturbing and overly selfish mindset as Thanking their respective God in the face of other people’s misfortunes because it was not them?

Author: johnydon22

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