Survival of our culture and tradition is in the hands of our women

nigerian woman holding the flag

I still maintain that the survival of our culture and tradition is in the hands of our women. They are the ones that can easily teach them to the kids. Why then do we sideline women in our traditional and cultural activities/practices?

This is a move that we have been paying so dearly for. Unfortunately, we are still so veiled by the masculinity of the bronze age that we are yet to discover that sidelining women have only helped in sending our culture and tradition to the garbage while foreign cultures that have shown women some level of acceptance and some sense of belonging is being inculcated into the kids.

I once asked my grandmother a question about a certain deity, although she knew very well the answer to my question she quickly referred me to a man as she is a woman, hence, forbidden from saying anything on that topic.

Our society is a society where storytelling, indoctrination, and faith building is mostly done by mothers and when a culture forbids women from telling the kids some certain things, they teach the kids the ones they are allowed to teach whether a foreign culture or anti-culture. Let us embrace new age and open the door of learning.

Before I started receiving communion, I had already been familiar with most of the church doctrines and I was already knowledgeable in most of the symbols and items used in the church. Most of this knowledge was taught to me by my mother. This strategy has ensured the survival of Christianity from age to age.

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