3 African Tips For Starting Small and Growing Big In Your Business and Career

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When I see people blame lack of finance as the reason why they haven’t started their business idea or taken their career to the next level I just can’t help but laugh. Money is very important but money is not the most important thing. At the early stage of my coaching and training career, I needed to take my dream to the public. I had focused so much on social media to the extent of opening every social media accounts I could think about. Every day, I would post tips and strategies on my social media accounts but I never got responses. I needed to do something big, I needed a better platform with a better ROI. The thought of going on radio struck me while processing my new idea I was faced with a challenge that most Nigerian entrepreneurs faces, money. After doing my feasibility studies I discovered that I needed about a million naira to pay for radio slots. I had visited all the private radio stations in my state and had gotten their prices. As I was about to drop the idea a thought of writing a business proposal to the state-owned radio station struck me (even though I felt that the state-owned was less listened to).

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To shorten the story, I ended up getting a free air slot for a whole year from the state-owned radio station and that opened up my career. Hosting a radio program gave me speaking invitations and coaching clients that I never had. My plan was to air my programme on the best radio program in Benin which happened to be a newly established privately owned media house but I had to start somewhere even though that wasn’t what I wanted.

Today, I want to share with you just three tips that can help you to start small and grow big in your business and career.

– Start With What You Can Offer

Every department in a business or career will always increase the cost of running the business. Some people make the mistake of trying to do what they are not licensed, equipped or trained to do at the moment and these will surely increase your cost. Because you have an idea in it doesn’t mean you should add it to what you offer.

– Start From Where You Are

I once met someone who according to him was saving up money to get a nice office in Lekki, Lagos. I was stunned because he kept begging people to assist him to be able to pay for his Lekki office. You don’t need to start from the top, you can start your business or career from your father’s house.

– Start With What You Have

I have never and will never advise any of my clients to start their business or career with a loan no matter how trained you think you are. Start with the little you have and watch yourself grow. If it is N20,000 naira you have, start with it. What you have in your hand is the best seed you need to start your business with.

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By Johnspeak Uwangue (Human Development Consultant, Talent Manager & Coach)

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