The Impact of Culture on Management Practices


The impact of culture in management practices cannot be overemphasized, Culture has impacted on management in varies area. In this article, we shall be looking at the cultural impact on leadership style, working and thinking style technology.

It is important to consider Attitude towards culture and Leadership: according to William Ouchi (1982) who contributed on Japanese management asserted that Japanese management is highly influenced by the culture in terms of Lifetime employment and jobs are a concern for the total period of an individuals lifetime.

In addition to that, the Choice and lasting relationship of management in Japan is based on culture has head to the improvement of productivity in line with McGregor (1987) the X and Y theory of worker which suggest that X worker hate work and need coercion while Y worker like work and can be motivated to do the work. in other words, People are basically lazy, dislike work – tight control system.

People are trustworthy, enjoy work and are given autonomy and responsibility.

More so, National culture is of greater influence to Cooperate culture: Sweden, USA, UK and smaller countries operate the incubator culture which is characterized by person oriented, egalitarian, minimal hierarchies and structure, as well as creativity and spontaneous and leadership, are achieved.

Different business areas culture has impacted, for example, Japanese television design comes in the length of 15 seconds or less
And it Uses non-verbal communication language or with few words emission, hinder, shark and good impulsion e.t.c.

Considering Japan product design, the product is made in Profer quality and buyers are willing to pay premium prices. The produced product of different taste: less sugar and salt, smaller sizes, different buy cheap. But In the area of Norway and Ireland, they practice what is referred to as a cultural cluster: Egalitarian, task-oriented, factors are achieved and individualistic.

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In Austria and Germany, the practice of culture is referred to as the Eiffert tower culture. They operate managerial practices based on Hierarchies in an organization ranging from the top management level, middle and lower management level where functions are Brocken down and distinguished from one level to another in the sense that the operational functions are performed by the lower level manager ,the middle manager perform the operational functions while the top managers operate the strategic functions.

They ascribed statues to a role and not to a person based on functionalism and They are also task oriented and their personal relationship are not designed with that of the organisation.

Consequently, Greece, Italy, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain and other nations which industrialized late and most smaller countries are known to practice family culture: they are person-oriented in contrast with the Germans and the rest, They are also hierarchical in their practices of management and they practice a kind of father-children relationship and ascribed status to their practices of management.

The following concept area important aspect of cultural impact deduced from this research to make this discussion clear Parochialism which implies the action of being selfish pettiness or narrowness; Cultural blindness – which implies that cultural difference in everybody is not equal; Ethnocentrism which is the tendency of looking for the word primarily from the perspective of once own culture e.t.c. should be avoided to a large extent and Synergy should be applied in cultural diversity because cultural difference lead to both advantages and dis-cultural diversity. Therefore managers should see the managing of the impact of diversity rather than ignoring the diversity and the result of culture is more of and the Result is more than the sum of the single contribution.


Finally, culture is accompanied by a lot of advantages in management practices; making the practices of management more flexible, creative and open to new ideas.

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