Android Users Can Switch To Chronological Timeline

About a month in the wake of adding new features for iOS users, Twitter now gave Android users a chance to switch to a chronological timeline.

The company tweeted on Tuesday to let individuals using Android gadgets, realize they could change from tweets picked by a calculation to the latest tweets from the records they’re following.

“Android, we got you. Starting today, tap [the sparkle icon] to switch between latest and top Tweets ,” it composed.

The algorithmic timetable, which features tweets considered destined to intrigue you, has been around since 2016, and you needed to burrow through the site’s settings to turn it off. The radiance symbol, which Twitter originally alluded to in September and began testing before long, offers a simple method to do as such.

In October, Twitter CEO and Co-founder, Jack Dorsey conceded that the site makes “channel bubbles” – strengthening individuals’ political perspectives or inclinations by surfacing posts – and recognized that it expected to offer apparatuses to pop these air pockets.

The online life stage has attempted to get new clients after a crackdown on phony records brought its numbers down bigly – new highlights like the radiance symbol and multiplying the length of tweets to 280 characters are a piece of its endeavors to keep its administration new.

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