In My Next World

I pray to the sun and the full
Grown moon that illuminates this dark world to spare and repair all the agonies of this age;
For in my next world, may I not
be born in a planet where there
is something like religion but may
I find myself in a world where
there is a man called God!

One who by himself, will write about himself,
his creations, his truth, his
beginning and end by himself!

May I never find myself in a world
Like earth nor Jupiter, Mars and Saturn,’
May I never find myself in a world
Full of hatred and ambitions,

In my next world, I hope to live
In a city full of light and love,’
May I never be born in a world
Of greed, vanity, lust, anger
And attachment like my present world.

I wish to be born in a world where
There is no pains, sickness and death.
In my next world, I will never
Be born in America, nor Australia
Not even in Antarctica and Asia!
But which ever world I find myself,
Let it be a world of black land
And may I be born of a black skin!

…and may the name of my world
Be called Africa!
And May there be deep
sense of tradition in that world.
May it never be colonized by any
Foreign nation!
May it never be taught on how
Best to worship God!
Instead, may my world teach and
Dominate others in all ramifications!

In my next world, I shall be born an Eagle!
And I shall soar and rule from the
High places!
And there shall be no room for
Selfish government in my
Next world!

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