The Kind Of Love I Want

I want to love and be loved.

I need a kind of love that
will never betray my trust,
but the kind that will respect
my feelings and never take me
for granted.

I need an imperfect love that
will strive for perfections,’
I no longer want any kind of love.
love that is wicked,
not even that love that is blind!
I want a love which is kind and

A kind of love full of understanding
and openness.
I need a love that is embodied
with purpose and plans –
plans to strive to be forever
till ever more
in health and In wealth
in happiness and In joy
which its memories never fades
like the tiny invisible wind.

I need a priceless love
Which can never be purchased
With rubies, diamond and gold
I need a true kind of love.

Even though life itself is not true.
If you give me the true love
that I have seek for ages,
I shall make your world bright
and beautiful
like the twinkle stars
and the shining diamond.

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