In The Light Of Truth


Welcome to my country –
the country you can never
understand her antics, tactics,
and Statistics;

A zoo nation filled with lions,
tortoise, chameleons and gorillas;
What a nation! What a lion!

Lions that forbids the jungle;
Residing in glass house, castle,
Bungalow, and mansion;
Life goes on latest car
Exhibitions – Venza, Benz,
Roll Royce, Range Rover etc.

You are highly welcomed,
This is the palace home
Of all Africans,
The giant of African nations;
Don’t mistake me!
Not giants in deed;
Just giants in corruption
And bad governance;
Innocent government
Guilty citizens.

You are in the country
you have been hearing
In Africa- the cinema hall;
You are welcome!
Please make your self comfortable;
The movie will soon begin:
Comedy, tragedy and tragic- comedy
All will be played to make you laugh
And cry at the same time:
You shall laugh at our
dirty underwear and cry for our
Government injustice.

You are welcome dear foreigner;
I heard you hail from Ghana,
Or is it Banana republic?
Is your country like ours?
This is a country where animals
Are valued more than humans;
We spare the cows and spoil the man;
A mere geographical expression
Dancing to the beats of British drum;
Soldier on the stage for a dance of
Killing: Makosa dance mixed with
Python dance and Snake dance;
Lives on a pool of blood;
Murdered by the country beasts,
Vampires and gladiators.

You are welcomed!
But know that you are not safe
As long as the killing carnival
Never ends: the Northern’s
Culture and tradition;
Here, we have the worst
Terrorists, militants;
Kidnappers, highly Armed Robbers
And deadly herdsmen;

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All are feared by the police, soldiers
And navy; and our leaders pay them
Secret homage to them.

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