A Song For My Life

It is like a tone of melody,
Hearing your voice for the
First time, by this time when the
Stars have woken to adore the
Beauty of the night;

The sun to brighten up the day
And the rainbow to colour the sky;
I moved my treasure of
eternity at the taste of your love;

Your love is like a wine, it drives me
Crazy like I never dream to be;
you are the end of my beginning!
My heaven in hell, my happiness
In sadness and my
Strength when am weak;
The only diamond in my lonely world;
I cannot soar, strive nor rule
Without You-the light on my path;
The remaining blood in my vein,
The good memory that
never fades away;
ringing in my mind and
beating In my heart like those
stories of Shakespeare-
Romeo and Juliet;
Hamlet and Horatio;
My valentine forever!

I am still your ancient and modern;
Viking and spartan;
Spatacus and avatar;
My magnet and attraction;
So bright and beautiful
Like the goddess of beauty and
The diva of mystical notation;
What more can I say My
priceless jewel?
You are the cell of my life

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