Election Officials and their Duties

Nigeria Election

Election officials are persons engaged by the Electoral Commission to directly handle the conduct and or supervision of elections.

Their engagement may be full time or ad-hoc.

Below are brief descriptions of their functions as well as specific duties:

1Chief Electoral CommissionerHe collates the results from the states within the federation in the presidential election and is the Returning Officer for that election. He is the chairman of the Commission.
2Senatorial district collation officerCollates results from all the LGAs within a Senatorial District. He is also the Senatorial District Returning Officer
3Federal Constituency Collation OfficerCollates and declares the scores of the candidates and declares the winner in an election in a particular constituency.
Decides any question arising from or relating to unmarked ballots, rejected ballots, declaration of scores of candidates and the return of a candidate.
4Returning Officers
5State Collation OfficerCollates results from all LGAs within a state in the presidential and governorship elections. He is the Returning Officer for the governorship election.
6State Constituency Collation OfficerCollates results from all the RA/LGAs within a state constituency for the State Assembly election.
7LGA Collation OfficerCollates results from the various registration areas/ wards for the area councils, state assembly, governorship, national Assembly and presidential elections.
8Registration Area Collation officer.Collates results from polling stations within a ward.
9Supervisory Presiding Officer (SPO)*Supervises the arrangements for the conduct of the poll in a cluster of the polling stations.
*Assists in the training of the presiding officers, poll orderlies under his supervision.
Ensures that all sensitive and non-sensitive election materials are available at the assigned polling stations in the right quantities at the right time.
*Regularly visit the assigned polling stations to attend to problems during the period of the elections.
*Ensures that the results of the poll for the assigned polling stations are delivered to the collation officer by the presiding officer.
*Ensure that all election materials returned to him are submitted to the Electoral Officer immediately after the elections.
*Liaise with the security agents to ensure maintenance of law and order within the assigned polling stations
10Presiding Officer*Takes charge of all proceedings at the polling station on the election day.
*Takes delivery of and inspect all materials for the election from the SPO.
*Be at the polling station early on election day to set up the station.
*supervises the poll orderlies assigned to the polling station.
*Stamp, sign and issue ballot papers to eligible voters.
*Inform voters of the proper way to mark and fold the ballot paper(s)
*Post the result of the polls using the poster EC60E at the polling station.
*Submit the result of the poll to the RA collation officer.
*Return all election materials to the SPO for delivery to the Electoral Officer after the election.
*Report any security incident to the security agents at the polling station and where necessary, invite the police or security agents to maintain order.
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