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Do you have a dream? I don’t basically mean the dream you encounter, immediately you starts sleeping. The one you enjoy like you went on your weekly Netflix Cinema… I totally mean something different. Something you might have been conversant Read more…

This treatise is an attempt to justify the fact that “Labour creates Wealth” in the society, especially in the capitalist system of society in the Marxian Philosophy.

This article is centred on the description of one of the most popular festivals (the Ogani Angwa festival) among the Igala people. The festival is to commemorate the victories of the Igala people.

The impact of culture in management practices cannot be overemphasized, Culture has impacted on management in varies area.

Boko Haram: This is a combination of two words. ‘Boko’ which means the Western system of school in Hausa, and ‘Haram’ which is Arabic word meaning ‘forbidden sin’.

Human rights discourse in Africa is suffering from euro-centrism, manipulation by western governments, examples the illegal occupation of Iraq by Anglo American imperialist.

In 1990, there were about 20 wars going on simultaneously in Africa but by 2010, there were only four ongoing wars and this is a big success story for AU1. AU’s first mission was deployed in Burundi where the transition to self-rule was characterized by ethnic violence between the Hutu majority and the Tutsi minority.

Beginning in early 2011, mass public protests swept much of the Arab world, bringing a mix of hope, sadness, and foreboding for the future, this became known as the “Arab Spring”, and sometimes as the “Arab Spring and Winter”, “Arab Awakening” or “Arab Uprisings” even though not all the participants in the protests were Arabs.

In attempting to answer the above question on learning style dimensions: field independence and field dependence, we will first and foremost look at the meaning of learning, what learning style is all about. So as to give us a clearer view, when we look at one of the learning style dimensions.

This research work seeks to identify the philosophy of VIRGIL ALDRICH, an American philosopher, and it also attempts a critique of his view on the philosophy of language. Aldrich, as Philosopher of Arts, distinguished between works of art and natural objects of aesthetic interest.

I still maintain that the survival of our culture and tradition is in the hands of our women. They are the ones that can easily teach them to the kids. Why then do we sideline women in our traditional and cultural activities/practices?

A man once had an accident and was rushed to the hospital, a woman rushed to the scene and seeing the car had a striking resemblance to her husband’s car was tensed and afraid until she saw the man involved and realized it wasn’t her husband.

Philosophy is a discipline that puts forward fundamental inquiries — without necessarily addressing them — about the experience of human beings. This post provides philosophical reflections concerning The Roles and Importance of Philosophy in Human Affairs. The Roles and Importance Read more…

As a revolutionist, I still maintain that there are areas of our culture that need to be discarded. Last week, a case was brought to my attention, it was about a woman who the brother-in-laws accused of resuming her business Read more…