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Philosophy is a discipline that puts forward fundamental inquiries — without necessarily addressing them — about the experience of human beings. This post provides philosophical reflections concerning The Roles and Importance of Philosophy in Human Affairs. The Roles and Importance Read more…

ofo-na-ogu, Igbo Spirituality, culture

As a revolutionist, I still maintain that there are areas of our culture that need to be discarded. Last week, a case was brought to my attention, it was about a woman who the brother-in-laws accused of resuming her business Read more…

Death, grave, tombstones

This is about a million times I am coming across people wondering what will happen to them when they are no more (dead). A lot of people I have met dread death so much that they would give anything to Read more…

Meiji Restoration

Japan like other people has been shaped in large part by the law in which they live. Its location, climate and natural endowment are unchangeable facts that have set limits to their development and helped gave it specific direction but Read more…


An alliance is a relationship among people, groups, or states that have joined together for mutual benefit or to achieve some common purpose, whether or not explicit agreement has been worked out among them. Members of an alliance are called Read more…


Oriental religions are the religions from the East. The Eastern religions are the religions originating in East, South and Southeast Asia and thus having dissimilarities with Western religions.

Nature of Scientific and Religious Knowledge

This research work is an attempt to Examine the Epistemological Nature of Scientific and Religious Knowledge. The researcher tries to look at the concepts of knowledge, epistemology as a theory of knowledge, science, religions before proceeding to look at the epistemology nature of scientific and religious knowledge respectively.

Princess Inikpi

The study seeks to examine the aesthetic role of Princess Inikpi, a historical icon of the Igala people of Kogi State. In doing this, the researcher went further to investigate the role she played, which made her a historical and Read more…

Investing HEAVILY On Agriculture to REDUCE Poverty

The importance of the agricultural sector in reducing poverty and serving as an engine of growth was demonstrated throughout the Green Revolution in Asia, particularly in India and China. Africa cannot bypass this development pathway, as the bulk of the African population lives in rural areas.

Effects of Monetary Policy

In the literature, macroeconomists have established the theoretical relationship between real output and monetary policy measures. To Keynesians, a discretionary change in money supply permanently influences real output by lowering the rate of interest and through the marginal efficiency of Read more…


How many times have you heard someone whine, “Judge not, that ye be not judged?”

How To Help A Child To Improve His/her Creativity

Kids are natural innovators with powerful imaginations. And creativity offers a bounty of intellectual, emotional and even health benefits.
One study found that kids’ imaginations helped them cope better with pain. Creativity also helps kids be more confident, develop social skills, and learn better.

Bing Homepage

I bring some latest updates with some powerful capabilities on what Microsoft’s Bing offers students which Google doesn’t (so far!).

What exactly is obesity? Is it just having a little tummy fat? And what are the risks associated with obesity? And how can you combat it? We lay out everything you need to know.

Poverty either as a plague or cause of other specific problems of under-development afflicts Nigeria as it does to other Nations of the world. The high level of prevalence of poverty in the world has attained an endemic nature, is Read more…