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Jude Abaga also known as MI or Mr Incredible, recently gave a talk at a TEDx event in Maitama Abuja, Nigeria titled, “What if we Refused to be Separated?”.

Let me not bore you with our Kemetic story of how the Virgin mother Isis gave birth to Horus (The first and original immaculate conception) and how the Evil set swore to kill every male child he comes across in Read more…

Africa is the world’s second largest and second most-populous continent. At about 30.3 million km2 including adjacent islands, it covers 6% of Earth’s total surface area and 20% of its land area. With billion people as of, it accounts for Read more…

Here are 20 collections of some of the most powerful and emotional Pictures that I have ever seen.

You will hardly see a rebel/terrorist/insurgent with an M16 or another alternative that is more accurate in shooting targets than AK-47.

I can’t think of any occasion where I did a Hollywood-like hack.

The topic presents various crimes and the offences which they commit. It also presents some definitional differences of these crimes as well as the offences under each of them. This includes felony, misdemeanour, Tort and Paternalism.

Many people might have heard the above issue, but the answer is Yes, Cancer be contacted through Oral Sex.
Take a Look at the Infographic below.

I have never thought that Octopus were killing machines. Octopuses are known for their complex brains, intelligence and mischievous temperament. But are they aware of what they are doing?

This will be beginning of a series of post on stuff that makes no sense at all.

This article contains details of inhuman experiments carried out with varying degrees of consent. If this is the sort of thing that upsets you, congratulations on not being a monster.

The legislature is an assemblage of the representatives of the people elected under a legal framework to make laws for the good health of the society. It is also defined as “the institutional body responsible for making laws for a Read more…

There are quite a number of things we love about Nigeria. And this is just based on what we see each day in Nigeria. OK. My answer isn’t gonna impress a lot of people. Especially because of number 1. 1. Read more…

Few people emerge from the fields of cosmology and theoretical physics to the sort of name recognition equal to that of a celebrity athlete or actor, but that’s exactly what’s happened with Stephen Hawking. Thanks to his groundbreaking work with black Read more…