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Meet the RAV4 Hybrid, a vehicle that takes all the incredible awards about Toyota’s minimal hybrid and includes a solid portion of effectiveness.

Kobo360 was accepted into YC’s 2018 class and gained some working capital in the form of $1.2M in a pre-seed funding round led by Western Technology Investment announced this week. Lagos based Verod Capital Management also joined to support Kobo360.

Japan has long been known for both its strong traditions and being on the cutting edge of technology, and this new Inn combining the classic Japanese surroundings with high-tech, self-driving slippers and furniture is a perfect reflection of this. Nissan Read more…

Without technology the world becomes blind. Technology is everywhere and most of the time you need to use technology directly or indirectly.
Here are some mind-blowing facts those are related to technology/

There are fantastic gadgets being released every day and it is exceptionally hard to keep track of them all. So basically there have been so many innovations that at least some of them are bound to be really useful while some useless.

Do you know that there is a little-known (outside the computer science community of course), theorem which draws upon famous physics like E=mc² and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle to determine how many minimum number of cryptographic keys to be applied to your Read more…

I want you to tell me when the first touch screen phone came onto the market. 2007? 2006? Who made it? Apple? Sony? LG? Well, you’d be wrong with any of those choices. In fact, the first touch screen phone Read more…