Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring

January 19, 2023

Remote monitoring of cathodic protection systems can be an effective and cost-effective tool. Cathodic protection is a type of corrosion control technology used to protect metal surfaces and other components from the damaging effects of corrosion. By using a remote monitoring system, you can quickly detect and remedy problems with a system.

Prevention of corrosion by cathodic protection

Cathodic protection is a method of corrosion control used to prevent the development of corrosion on metal structures. It works by creating an electrochemical cell between the metal surface and an external anode. This transfers corrosion from the protected structure to a more corrosive metal, preventing the formation of corrosion.

Cathodic protection is a technique that is widely used to protect steel and cast-iron structures from corrosion. The technique is mainly applied to steel water and gas pipelines, but it is also effective in protecting tanks and other metallic structures.

Corrosion is a natural process of material degradation that occurs at the surface of a variety of metal structures. This damage can be very costly. Therefore, pipeline operators must regularly test their cathodic protection. However, these tests must be reactive, since corrosion may develop undetected for long periods of time.

To protect a structure from corrosion, it is important to install an anode. These anodes are typically made of steel or copper-copper sulphate. They sacrifice their own structural integrity in order to provide protection to the pipeline.

PWATCH-2 CP Data Logger

RMFTEK is a leading manufacturer of remote monitoring systems. They offer a wide range of products for the gas industry.

Using their PWATCH-2, technicians can quickly install a system and monitor its performance. Data is transmitted via cellular networks. This provides near real-time information and alerts technicians to any operational issues. This device can be easily installed in the field and requires no additional power connections.

PWATCH-2 offers measuring CP-related values, including the AC and DC current densities, rectifier voltage Eon, Eoff and Enat (native) potentials.

RMFTEK has adapted remote monitoring technology to Cathodic Protection installations, which has made it possible for asset managers to monitor their assets from anywhere in the world.

The PWATCH2 features a high specification solution, making it ideal for CP monitoring and remote control. This compact device can be integrated with SCADA systems. Also, it offers data protection mechanisms and easy remote configuration. Besides, the module includes free applications for monitoring, control, and firmware upgrades.

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