Personality Traits Based on IQ Test Results

March 31, 2023
IQ Test Results

In the past, IQ has been seen as an indicator of human intelligence; however, recent research indicates it may actually be a personality trait.

Studies have indicated that people with higher levels of neuroticism, a personality trait characterized by unstable emotions and self-consciousness, tend to score lower on IQ tests.

Openness to Experience

IQ Test Results

Openness to experience is an encompassing personality trait, including traits such as curiosity, imagination, artistic interests, preference for novelty and tolerance for ambiguity. These aspects of openness have a direct correlation with personality development and can be assessed in both males and females alike.

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According to the Five Factor Model, individuals who score highly on Openness to Experience tend to be inquisitive, imaginative, and creative. Furthermore, they demonstrate greater tolerance for ambiguity as well as different beliefs and values.

They tend to be more appreciative of art and beauty, enjoying music, books, and other cultural products. Furthermore, these individuals tend to hold liberal political opinions.


Conscientious individuals possess high levels of goal-orientation, thoughtfulness and discipline. Additionally, they work well under pressure and tend to have stronger interpersonal connections.

People with high levels of conscientiousness tend to achieve higher grades in school and are more productive workers. Furthermore, they report feeling happier and contented with their careers.

The conscientious personality trait is a cornerstone of the Big Five personality traits, and it’s often used by employers to screen candidates before hiring them.

Conscientiousness is an admirable trait that has been linked to lifelong career success and longevity, as well as improved health outcomes.


Agreeableness is a personality trait that measures your level of compassion, politeness and trustworthiness. People who score highly on agreeableness tend to have positive opinions of other people and make great friends.

However, if your agreeableness level is low, you might tend to put your own needs ahead of those of others and be more pessimistic about human nature in general.

Good news is, there are numerous ways to increase your level of agreeableness. One effective approach is working together on projects which require you to maintain social harmony.

You can also try to picture how others may be feeling. Doing so will allow you to be more compassionate, kind, and helpful towards those in need.

Sensitivity to Beauty

IQ Test Results

Sensitivity to beauty is the capacity for appreciating objective beauty. This gift of perception is believed to be a unique, biologically determined trait.

Hans Eysenck, a German psychologist, first identified this trait in the 1920s. To measure it, volunteers were shown two sets of artwork and asked to select which they thought was better designed.

Research has shown that beauty sensitivity remains an underappreciated personality trait. Though often misconstrued as weak, sensitivity actually serves to open people up to experiences and help them better connect with their environment.

Researchers have also observed that beauty is closely connected to positive emotions and an openness to experience. This suggests that sensitivity to beauty plays an integral role in the formation of complex inner lies, leading to a more rewarding life.

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