Are Flights to Poland Cancelled?

December 3, 2022
Are Flights to Poland Cancelled

The situation in Poland is extremely complex, and it has caused a lot of confusion for passengers. Jet2 and LOT Polish Airlines have both suspended flights to Poland. In addition, the Polish government has responded to the pay dispute by cutting back on flights to Warsaw and Olsztyn.

In the past, many travellers were nervous about flying to Poland . The Ebola outbreak in 2014 had a global impact on flight schedules and led to many flights being cancelled. In addition, Krakow has long been a popular city for winter and spring breaks with many students finding cheap flights to Poland .

Why are flights being Cancelled to Poland?
Can you travel to Poland right now?

Jet2’s decision to suspend flights to Poland

Due to the current situation, Jet2 has suspended flights to Krakow, Poland. The airline cites a decline in demand as the reason for the cancellation. The airline has reassured customers that all tickets will be refunded. It also plans to resume flights from May 27. In the meantime, customers can still fly to Poland via other airlines.

The decision to suspend flights to Poland and Ukraine comes as flights from the UK have dropped dramatically. Prices have fallen as low as PS20. Research from Forward Keys shows that demand for flights to Eastern Europe has dropped significantly. As Ukraine has been invaded, many airlines altered their flight routes. Some have also been banned from flying over Russian airspace.

Jet2’s decision to suspend flights to Olsztyn

The airline has reassured affected customers that they will receive a full refund. The company’s decision to suspend flights to Krakow and Olsztyn was made due to the current situation in Ukraine and Russia. Although the company did not explicitly refer to the war, the decision has caused considerable disruption to travellers.

Poland has been a major transit point for refugees from Ukraine, and as such has become a safe haven for many of these people. According to the United Nations, the country has taken in more than 1.4 million refugees. Other European countries such as Hungary, Romania and Moldova have also taken in significant numbers of refugees. Despite this, the UK government’s travel advice for Poland remains unchanged. Many European airlines have also suspended flights to Olsztyn, as well as other cities in Poland.

Are Flights to Poland Cancelled
Are Flights to Poland Cancelled

Polish government’s response to pay dispute

The recent events in Poland have once again highlighted the danger of disregarding the rule of law. The European Commission has been in constant contact with the Polish government and has assessed the situation in Poland under its Rule of Law Framework. The Commission has identified a number of concerns with the current situation in Poland, and has outlined some measures it would take to ensure that the rule of law is respected and protected in the country.

The Polish government’s response to the pay dispute has been characterized by uncertainty. While other member states have successfully implemented ECJ rulings, Poland is still in the dark about when it will have to start implementing them. The lack of clear EU rules has already led to a series of political haggling and delayed proceedings that have harmed Poland’s reputation as a model of democratic transition.

While the return of international flights to Poland is surely welcome news for travellers, it’s important to remember that this was a very recent phenomenon. Things have changed very quickly in this part of the world and more stringent requirements could be imposed once again at any time. Therefore, we recommend following the news before booking a flight to Poland if you have not already done so. We appreciate that there has been some confusion around whether or not it is safe to travel to Kraków. While we cannot definitively say that it is 100% safe right now, we can say with certainty that we did not feel unsafe during our visit and that we never felt threatened or scared while in Kraków or visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau and visiting our relatives’ graves at Rakowicki Cemetery.

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