The Kansas City Minimum Wage Will Rise to $8.50 Next Month

October 8, 2022
Kansas City Minimum Wage

The Kansas city minimum wage is set to rise to $8.50 next month, but the debate over it has been shrouded in legal fog for months. The question is: can a city impose a higher minimum wage and benefits despite state law? That question is one that has drawn a diverse range of legal opinions, according to Michael Grimaldi, press secretary for Kansas City Mayor Sly James.

St. Louis minimum wage struck down by Kansas City Supreme Court

The St. Louis minimum wage was struck down in court hours before it was scheduled to go into effect. A Kansas City judge removed the measure from the ballot as well. Missouri courts ruled earlier this year that a city cannot require higher minimum wages than the state requires. The state’s highest court has previously stated that a city cannot impose a minimum wage increase without getting a vote from residents. But that ruling didn’t address the question of conflict. While the St. Louis law does have some vague language, it is still a violation of state law. If you want to learn more info you can click this link.

The new Missouri minimum wage is $11 an hour. The previous minimum wage was $7.70 an hour, so it was a big step forward for the city. But a recent ruling by the state’s high court has put that change in doubt. The new state law says that local ordinances can’t override state law.

Kansas state law prevents local minimum wage increase in Kansas City

After a decision from the Supreme Court, Kansas City’s minimum wage increased to $10 an hour. However, the Republican-controlled state legislature has passed a bill that prohibits local governments from raising the minimum wage beyond that level. The law takes effect Aug. 28.

In 2008, Kansas raised its minimum wage by $0.70, from $6.55 an hour to $7.25. However, there are some jobs in the state that are not covered by the federal law, such as those in work-study programs. Moreover, Kansas state law prevents the local minimum wage increase in Kansas City after 2022.

Kansas city minimum wage increases to $8.50 next month

The Kansas City Council recently passed an ordinance raising the minimum wage. As of next month, Kansas City will have an $8.50 hourly minimum wage, with an eventual goal of $13 per hour by January 2020. The ordinance also says employers must pay 85 cents per hour more than the state minimum wage.

But there are some challenges in implementing the new law. First, the city will have to hire extra investigators to enforce the new law. In addition to that, it will have to train employers about the new law.

Kansas City Minimum Wage
Kansas City Minimum Wage

Employers must display approved Kansas minimum wage poster

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers in Kansas must display an approved Kansas minimum wage poster to inform their workers about their rights and the minimum wage. Failing to post this poster may result in penalties, including fines. Employers can avoid penalties by purchasing a quality poster that meets these requirements.

The United States Department of Labor (DOL) enforces various labor laws and provides free electronic versions of required posters. Many of these posters are available in multiple languages. You can download these posters directly from the DOL’s website or from the elaws Poster Advisor. You can also purchase copies of the posters from state Departments of Labor.

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